Taal Lake, formerly known as Bombón Lake, is a freshwater lake in the province of Batangas, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.It is third to the largest volcano in our country. If you are going to have an escapade Taal lake is the best location for you.


Beautiful escapade!! Taal lake has a regular tour to the tourists. After crossing the lake, visitors travel to the top of Volcano Island on horseback. During their trip up and down the mountain, visitors are treated to a stunning view of the lake and its surroundings.


As you go here in Taal lake your eyes is not the only one who will be benefited by the marvelous scenery. You can also try the different tours such as Trekking adventure to the craeter of lake and many more.You can also stay there for a couple of days. Hotels are all around it.

Check the list of Hotels in https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/HotelsNear-g1587912-d548158-Taal_Volcano-Batangas_Province_Calabarzon_Region_Luzon.html

And for more info. visits this: http://www.tlyc.com/the-tlyc-volcano-tour/









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