Mt. Batulao

Batangas is known because of the beautiful beaches and resorts located in it but its not the only thing that we can do. We can also do an adventurous trip by means of hiking, trekking and mountaineering !! And one of the reasons why we should be proud of is our own MT.BATULAO.


The cool weather in Mt. Batulao is a pleasant escape from the city. The moment you arrive at the Evercrest Golf Course – the jumpoff – you will feel the same coolness felt by the visitors of Tagaytay. And this temperature will be with you all the way, especially during the months of January and February, where it is usually dry and cool.
There are days, on the other hand, when Mt. Batulao can feel like a desert – very hot and humid – owing to the exposed nature of its trails, which also makes it prone to muddiness during the wet season (June to October). On the other hand, Mt. Batulao is usually visited by winds that make any climb – hot or cool – refreshing. This combination of elements make Mt. Batulao a very interesting destination.
But that’s not all. The landscapes of Batulao are quite remarkable; and although the view remains basically the same throughout the trek, the rolling slopes, through which trail pass by, and the new variety afforded by two major trails – the “Old Trail” and the “New Trail”, makes Batulao one of the most popular dayhikes or near-Manila hikes. It is favored not only for the pleasantness of the hike, but also because it makes for a very good training climb.
With this popularity, of course, comes the challenge of maintaining the cleanliness of the mountain, as well as a local economy of kid guides and buco juice stalls. Over a hundred campers troop to Batulao on weekends, making it a good option for crowd-seekers but not for those looking for some mountain peace and quiet.
Nevertheless, Mt. Batulao is truly an appealing destination, also because it is very easy to access: It’s just one ride away from the MRT-LRT connection in Taft cor. Edsa — plus an optional tricycle ride from the entrance of Evercrest to the furthest a vehicle can reach. As soon as you arrive, kid guides (and tricycle drivers) will offer their services.
The trails are initially rough roads, then transition to paths that are well-maintained, taking you up and down, up and down, at first gently, and then the slopes will be ore pronounced later. After around forty minutes of trekking, you will encounter a hut, fondly called ‘Mini Stop’ where buco juice is sold for P25 each (as of 2012). 500 meters beyond this hut is the fork between the two trails to Mt. Batulao’s summit, on which another hut as been built. Click on the panoramic image to see the two trails in relation to each other.



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