Tingga Falls

Tingga Falls is only one of the many natural wonders of the province of Batangas that definitely deserves a visit.  The clear water from the many springs and streams in the area gushes through weathered rock and lands in its picturesque base below.  The falls is about 30 meters high, with a swimming area at its base, and the area is adorned and surrounded by curious rock formations and verdant vegetation.  The area exhudes a cool, relaxing, refreshing atmosphere where the visitor can relax, swim and soak their stress and worries away. It is semi-developed with concrete steps built for easy access.

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Come and visit Tingga Falls, one of the wondrous attractions you can find in friendly Batangas.


Daang Ibaan, Batangas City 


  • Villa Crisanta 

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Location : Barangay Sta Cruz, Rosario, Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

  • The Alpa Hotel and Restaurant 

Image result for The Alpa Hotel and Restaurant

Location : Brgy. Kumintang Ibaba, , Batangas, Batangas, Philippines

  • Days Hotel Batangas 

Image result for Days Hotel Batangas

Location : Pastor Village, Pallocan West, Batangas, Batangas, Philippines

How to get there

Batangas is  about 110 kilometers south of Metro Manila.  To reach the falls from Manila, ride a bus in the various terminals inManila going to Batangas Province. You may also take a bus from the Pasay City bus terminal going to  Nasugbu. The bus will take you to the terminal near Nasugbu’s municipal hall. From there you can get a tricycle or jeepney to take you to your destination.




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